Head Librarian and Director of Library Services

Kristy Mazur









Support Staff

Karen Malby - Library Assistant ll

Ashley Myers- Library Assistant II
Darlene Witzke - Support Staff
Anne Lutomske - Support Staff
Taylor Wojcik - Student clerk

Mylene Usipiuk - Student clerk









Marlene Wollman









Board of Directors


Joyce Gmiterek - Chair

Marge Puhacz - Secretary

Rhonda Szalai - Treasurer

Candice Holigroski  - Town of Beausejour Representative

Jack Kowalchuk - RM Brokenhead Representative

Joan Litke - Public Representative












The Brokenhead River Regional Library strives to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

We advance knowledge by providing free and open access to materials, and programs to our communities.


Brokenhead River Regional Library

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