The Brokenhead River Regional Libarary was founded November 21, 1981. It was first located within Beausejour’s Edward Schreyer School and it was staffed by a part-time librarian with a collection of 1,200 books. The library was the goal and finally the proud accomplishment of the Beausejour Women’s Institute.


A formal agreement between Beausejour, Garson, and the R.M. of Brokenhead resulted in a library by-law being passed with funding being shared between the local government and the province. To this day it is administered by a local volunteer board and a trained staff.


The strong public support and demand for increased library services created the need for a larger premises. This became possible with provincial grants and local donations. In April 1984 the library moved to its present location of 427 Park Avenue. Memberships and circulation of materials have increased steadily over the years to the point where once again we had outgrown our facilities. In late 1994 a major construction job was underway which resulted in a 2500 square foot addition. Today we have a spacious 5000 square foot library building that we can all be proud of.


Along with the growing number of memberships, print materials, and building size, the “90’s” have brought technological advances to the library. We have established a data base and as of October 1996 we have been running a completely automated circulation system. In the summer of 1996, we became a public access point to the Internet and thanks to a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, we were able to expand our services offering High speed Internet and an additional five new computer terminals.

There are many more attributes the library has beyond just books. Available are talking books, magazines, videos, large print books, reference materials both in print and on CD’s, as well as interlibrary loan services. Our library has become home to 300 Teddy Bears and accessories due to the generous donation of a local patron Mrs. Vera McLean. We offer programs such as Story Time, Summer Reading, Nursery School and Daycare visits, Library tours and author visits are just a few of the ongoing activities at the Brokenhead River Regional Library.


Brokenhead River Regional Library

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